Down Mexica Way

Avri, Azriel, Sheer, and I had fun this week with two closely fought and tense games.

Dominion: Prosperity was first, using one of the suggested preconstructed decks that allowed for much friendly interaction. Sheer got off to his usual quick start, and was soon amassing all the money he needed to buy the necessary victory point cards. Avri, Azriel, and I were slower in starting, but managed to generate some momentum and grab a decent amount of victory points. After a while all of our hands – suitably stuffed with VP cards – started to slow down a bit. It was at this point that I though we might catch Sheer, but alas it was not to be. Sheer held on for a win by four points, with Azriel and I behind, and Avri only one point further back.

Next, I introduced everyone to Mexica. This is a classic action point area majority game where, as usual, you can never quite do enough to advance your own plans and, simultaneously, beat up your opponents. Everyone picked up the game reasonably quickly, though Azriel struggled somewhat with the scoring. We tried to help him out, and by the end he was in contention if not enlightened. The game has two rounds of scoring, and after the first my advantage was reflected in my leading position. In the second round, Avri did all that he could to haul me back, so it was no real surprise to me that this allowed Sheer the win. Again, a tight game. And the stabbing and backstabbing – metaphorically of course – was great fun.

Thanks to my three plucky visitors for a fine night of entertainment.