The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths – Harry Bingham


The continuing adventures of Fiona Griffiths, as she starts off on a minor fraud enquiry that quickly balloons into something much more significant. What was it that lead to the death by starvation of a woman in her own home, and the brutal death of a computer expert by multiple amputation? Soon, Fiona is going undercover, leaving behind everything she has fought hard to acquire and be part of. She builds herself a new deep cover identity, and is taken into the heart of a cold, calculating, criminal enterprise. Will she be safe in the eye of the storm?

The author impresses me with the quality of his writing, his plotting, and the strength of the central character Fiona. Taking her undercover was a clever move, as it allows us to see a new world, removed from the routine police existence she was getting so settled in. And she meets new characters, whose lives and challenges she observes and comments on as only she can.

There were two minor disappointments. One was a story development that I would have preferred had gone in a different direction. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you read it, you will know by the end of the book what I am referring to. Second, there were a couple of encounters between Fiona and Vic (the main baddie she deals with) of an intimate nature. I found both less than convincing. They worked, OK, but weren’t as realistic as I thought. This is a matter of opinion, and it may be the author’s judgement is to be preferred. And, for sure, the two points are very minor in the scheme of the book, so there’s nothing material to get worked up about. (Dare I say it: I might have done it differently. One day…)

In short, this series goes from strength to strength, and I am going to keep reading them. You should too.