The Power and the Adventure


To start with, Azriel and Sheer came along and we played a three handed game of Power Grid: The Card Game. As with the previous outing for this new purchase, the scores were tight. Sheer and I finished with the same score, just ahead of Azriel. Sheer won on the tiebreaker.

When Peleg turned up we switched to Dominion: Adventures. Sheer won both games with a bit to spare, as he seemed to be the best at assessing the right combinations, and getting his deck to the right size to maximize its potential. Azriel gave him a run for his money in one game, and Peleg in the other. Well done Sheer!

Not a successful night for me in terms of victories, but it was great fun, and I so want to try my hand again at Adventures

Thanks to all who came.