Shabbat Gaming

Last Shabbat, down south with the Berkeleys in Metar, we squeezed in time for one game among the eating, chatting, and sleeping. Anne, Gillian, Peter, Yoel, Susan and I played one game of Viva Il Re! (in English it is marketed as King Me), a light hearted game of bluff and counter bluff. It’s about getting your candidate to be king, and killing off the competing candidates. It’s easy to explain, quick to pick up and play, and doesn’t ruin relationships when you stab people in the back.

After two rounds of rapid play, Peter was the winner. Gillian, I think, came second. She killed the most candidates I think, but the strategy did not quite pay off. Anne and Susan were straight up in going to promote their own candidates, and could not escape the killing machines out there. Good fun.