An Israel Post Experience

In December last year, I ordered a copy of Swordpoint Miniatures rules from Gripping Beast. Typically, stuff from the UK takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive. Over the festive season, deliveries slow up. However, I only received a note to come and pick up my package last week. Since it appears to have been posted in the UK around the 4th of December, that’s over 8 weeks. Quite a delay. However, in the scheme of things, the delay is nothing. But, this is what my package looked like when I picked it up:


You may see the edges of the envelope are somewhat frayed. In fact, they are not frayed, they are severed. Here’s what the package looked like when I flipped the front of the envelope open:


I didn’t need to cut or tear anything; it was already ripped on almost all of the sides. And the contents have been washed, dried, crumpled, and generally beaten about.

If this had happened on the UK side, the package would have gone back to Gripping Beast. So, it looks as if Israel Post lived up to its reputation of not caring a bit about the stuff it delivers. What can I do? Not much. The rules are readable, though I have had to tear apart some pages that were stuck together. It’s not exactly mint condition. I feel as if I haven’t so much paid for post and packaging, as having paid for post, packaging, pulverizing, soaking, drying, and bending.

Thank you Israel Post.