The Mine – Antti Tuomainen


This is an unusual crime book, where the police involvement is almost non-existent, yet there is a definite sense of right and wrong, and an investigation that uncovers deeds most foul.

The main character is investigative reporter Janne Vuori, who is trying to find out what a mining company is getting up to in the north of Finland. Put onto the trail by an anonymous tip, Vuori soon discovers that the members of the company’s board are dying off in strange accidents. Are they, indeed accidents?

At the same time, Vuori’s relationship with his wife and child are more than strained by his inability to properly balance work and life, and he’s knocked even further off his stride by a surprise return. Past and present collide, and there are more casualties.

There are several paths narrated here, and they all come together in an unexpected fashion, delivering a fine piece of crime fiction that does more than its fair share of entertainment while, at the same time, shining a light on some aspects of Finnish society, politics, and business. I was hooked from early on, and the writing and the plot kept me enthralled. Some will find the pacing too slow, with the action too spaced out. I thought the suspense was being built up expertly, and was happy to soak it all up.

The main character is solid, flawed, and interesting. The other characters are not so complete, but neither are they cardboard cutouts. I enjoyed learning about Finland, and I was pleasantly surprised by the plot twists. There was a good mix of intrigue and mystery.

Well worth reading.