One monopoly after another


This week’s session featured Dominion, Acquire, and Reibach & Co.

While we waited for Peleg to arrive, Sheer and I introduced Gillian to Dominion. We played with the basic set and one of the suggested card mixes, for a fairly fast game. Although Gillian had picked things up quickly, and was the first to grab a big Victory Point (VP) card, both she and Sheer suffered from their decks slowing down at the wrong time. My steady progress was rewarded with the win.

Then Peleg came and we were four. We went with a random card mix, and this produced lots more money. Sadly, for me, my deck was too slow this time around, and I trailed badly in last place. Peleg and Gillian could not, however, match Sheer’s combinations, and he ran out the winner.

We then switched to Acquire, again a new experience for Gillian. The early buildup was slow, with Sheer holding (and holding onto) key takeover tiles. That meant several of us ran out of money. However, eventually the first takeover took place, and after that things snowballed toward a rapid end. Gillian and Peleg played some interesting tiles that did not always best benefit themselves. However, they disrupted my plans somewhat, and I was sure this meant Sheer would be the winner. But I was wrong. At the final count, I was a bit ahead of the others, having secured the majority holdings in two key hotel chains.

Finally, a quick game of Reibach & Co. The short summary is that Sheer led through the first and second scoring round, but Gillian clobbered us all and took the win with a magnificent final round performance. Great stuff.

Thanks again to all who came for another great night of gaming.