Legion of the Damned – William C. Dietz


Another science fiction novel, this one with a decidedly military emphasis, floating an interesting central idea, but not much else. In a nutshell, condemned prisoners can opt after execution to be resuscitated as a brain to serve inside a gigantic military cyborg. They serve under the Foreign Legion, and boldly go wherever the hell they are told to go – mostly to dangerous places in order to die again.

There is plenty of action, blood, and thunder, with not much in the way of characterization, and some cliche ridden writing. The characterization, as far as it goes, has all the good guys very much the same, and all the bad guys similarly clone like. Unsurprisingly, there is not much that is believable about the science or the general story background. The plot pacing and timing simply did not work for me.

Worse, was that the author clearly didn’t believe in the show don’t tell maxim, and the almost endless stream of tell, tell, tell, did me in.

Clearly there’s a market for this stuff, as there are lots of books in the series, and there are lots of positive reviews out there. But not from me… Another one to avoid.