Goodbye HPE

For the best part of the last six years, I have worked at HPE Software in Yehud. Last month I was made redundant. While my official last day as an HPE employee is tomorrow, today was my last day in the office. I cleared out my cube yesterday. Today I took part in what I would describe as a Treasure Hunt in reverse: to be officially signed out of work, with nothing left outstanding, I needed to return all my kit and have the various recipients (for my laptop, docking station, headphones, screens, desk phone, lunch card, and HPE security pass) sign a special form. That involved a trip around several locations and a bit of schlepping, but eventually it was all done. I exchanged the signed form for what I see as my release papers.

Also today, some of my colleagues who had survived the recent rounds of cuts, had very kindly organized a brunch get together – to say goodbye and good luck. That was a nice touch, and much appreciated, as were the individual goodbye cards that people signed and added messages to.

Thus ends an era.

As I said in my last post about the situation:

“I do hope everyone else gets fixed up. I have had the privilege to work with some amazing, talented people. Every organization has its plonkers, but there were not too many of them. Instead, the quality of some of these men and women was very impressive. If there’s any justice out there, they’ll go on to great things.”

In short, I wish them all good luck. They deserve it.

As for me, whether I deserve it or not, I have been lucky, again. (It seems to happen at the key moments in my life, as if the Big Guy Upstairs has been looking out for me.) I do have a new job, and am due to start next week. I am looking forward to this new challenge. If it’s half as enjoyable as working at HPE was, it will be great. So far as the bad stuff at HPE is concerned, that’s history.