Down and out in London


Susan and I are just back from a trip to the UK. On trips into London city center, I was struck by how many people were sleeping rough. I had seen that before, but never in such numbers. I don’t know what the reason for the change is, but it’s a human tragedy out there, and obvious to the world. I hope to hell somebody there is doing something about it. The sight of so many cardboard, newspaper, and rag hovels reminded me, again, about how fortunate I am.

I did think about documenting the situation with some pictures, but a modest dose of reflection led me to the conclusion I would be wallowing in other people’s misery. I also thought that the explanation given by some Londoners – immigration – sounded too pat. Further, it didn’t fit with the fact that those rough sleepers I heard speaking were decidedly native English speakers. Regardless, it’s horrible.