The infamy of alchemy


This week, I was joined by Azriel, Peleg, and Sheer, and we started off with a couple of games of Alchemy, one of the Dominion expansions sets that none of us had played before. We used two recommended deck setups with the basic Dominion cards.

In the first game (without Peleg, as he arrived late), it was a tussle between Azriel and Sheer, with me trying to keep out of the way (unsuccessfully). Azriel was gifting Sheer and me tons of Curse cards. Meantime Sheer used the Possession┬ácard to steal the benefit of several turns of mine for his own use. It was no surprise that this nasty, nasty card was responsible for him edging out Azriel. Even Sheer didn’t like the card. Well done Sheer!

We had better luck with the second set, with Peleg now joining in. The scores were much more even, though Azriel’s combination had done enough to get him the win. Well played Azriel!

The cry went out for a short game to finish, so we played Take It Easy! Azriel hadn’t played before, but quickly picked it up to get a decent score. Sheer doesn’t do well at this game for some strange reason, and he played true to form. Peleg did well, but lost out to me. Sorry Peleg. It was close.

Thanks to the three guys for another great games night.