Honest Endeavor


This week, Susan and I were joined by Gillian, Peleg, and Sheer. We started off with Endeavor, a chunky worker placement game. Neither Susan nor Gillian had played this before, and Sheer took on the responsibility of explaining the rules. If I had paid attention, it would have dawned on me that Sheer’s flawless explanation meant he knew the game well – really well. And so it proved.


Anyway, off we went on our individual voyages of discovery (the game has an exploration theme), doing our best to put up some kind of competition for Sheer’s relentless point scoring. We failed. However, honorable mention should be given to the efforts by Susan and Gillian. For a first time play, they did pretty well. Peleg and I did not have any excuses, and were simply outplayed.


In our defense, I think both of us could see that Sheer was well in the lead from early on. However, it would have been less fun if either of us had done some table talking, and encouraged attacks on Sheer. Four against one? That would have been unfair (albeit deserved) and besides, the first time you play a game like this, it’s all about learning the ropes. Next time I expect there will be more serious challenges. Meantime, Sheer won.

Susan retired leaving the four survivors to engage in a quick cut down version of Ticket to Ride: The Card Game. Peleg still had work to do, so it was a bit rushed. Sheer and Peleg did quite well, and I did quite poorly. But Gillian did very well, and was the deserved winner.

Thanks to all who came and made it such a good night of gaming.