Home – Harlan Coben

Apart from the somewhat fractured and frosty relationship between Myron Bolitar and Windsor Horne Lockwood III (Win), this is another rather formulaic, albeit high tension, adventure.

Ten years ago, two six year olds (Patrick Moore and Rhys Baldwin) were kidnapped, never to be seen again. Now, Win gets an email telling him where one of the kids is to be found. But Win’s encounter with the alleged victim is somewhat messy, and things spiral out of control. Soon Win and Myron are forced to go back to the very beginning and hope a fresh approach will yield clues to help them solve the puzzle.

On the plus side, the formula delivers plot twists aplenty, and the whole narrative is fast-paced. And the friction between Myron and Win is absorbing.

On the negative side, some of the motivation behind the behavior of certain characters is less than persuasive. And the involvement of Myron’s young nephew – a crossover character from other books – did not ring true to me. I understood the attraction of building a link between the characters. But here, it was a whole bridge, and it seemed to be suspended in midair. To put it another way, it didn’t work.

If you can put your critical faculties on hold, you will get a cracking read. Otherwise, sadly, this is an OK book, but not one of the author’s best.