Deadline – Barbara Nadel

Inspector Ikmen is, reluctantly, taking part in a charity event. It is a murder mystery hosted at Istanbul’s famous Pera Palas Hotel, where once the legendary Agatha Christie stayed. In short order, Ikmen is forced to take part in a real life murder mystery. With the clock ticking towards a dreadful deadline, Ikmen has to work out who the killer is, and who is behind the deadly show.

Once again, this author delivers a fine character portrayal, backed up by the wonderful color of Istanbul, past and present. While this plot is more far fetched than I would have liked, veering dangerously towards Hollywood style excess, it just about keeps its feet on the ground. I couldn’t quite buy into the motivation some of the characters had for taking part in the real murder mystery, but the overall impression of the criminal enterprise was well constructed, and worked better than the individual parts.

In short, not the best Ikmen story, but well worth reading.