The Crossing – Michael Connelly


Harry Bosch, former LAPD detective, is thinking about crossing over to the other side by taking up the role of investigator for someone accused of murder, to see if he can find the evidence to establish the man’s innocence. Of course, Bosch wouldn’t consider this for just anyone, and it is his half-brother, the Lincoln Lawyer Micky Haller who is the defense attorney.

The journey that Bosch goes on, as he is drawn into the complex criminal undertaking that is hiding behind the murder, is the usual Connelly fare – it is well told, well paced, exciting, and full of little surprises. Bosch is an exquisite character. Haller is also a good foil, but he gets less exposure here, and is truly a hook to justify Bosch taking center stage.

The story is a solid police procedural one, with nothing that really makes it stand out from any of Connelly’s other work. So, it is good, but not brilliant, and certainly not his best. While there was a certain advantage in taking Bosch out of his comfort zone, it did not seem to be enough to give the story a special kick. However, if Bosch continues in this way, perhaps there will be a fresh impetus and a renewed energy in the storytelling.