Tatiana – Martin Cruz Smith


The last of the currently available Renko books, I read this in almost a single session, and loved every bit of it.

It begins with three deaths. First, an international translator is killed in Russia. His notes of the last (secret) meeting he attended, are in his own graphical code, and seemingly impossible to crack. Then a young reporter apparently commits suicide by jumping off her balcony. Finally, Russian oligarch Grisha Grigorenko is assassinated. Enter Renko…

This time around, Renko ends up in Kaliningrad (formerly Konigsberg), as he continues his crusade against the massed ranks of criminals that seem to populate modern Russia. This particular Renko story is shorter than the rest (as I recall) and fairly rattles along.

Another finely crafted novel, and a superb example of economical prose delivering a complete character, world, and adventure. Great stuff.