They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity

Following on publication of the Rami Levy mall development story (about the first Israeli-Palestinian mall near Ramallah), the Elder of Ziyon reports that Рalmost unbelievably Рthe Palestinian response was to reject co-existence, and jobs, and goods at low prices:

How are Palestinian officials responding to a chance at hundreds of jobs and the prospect of co-existence, while at the same time serving tens of thousands of Arabs with services that they have not had easy access to?

The head of the Palestinian Consumer Protection Association, Salah Haniyeh, said his group will create a blacklist of any Palestinian shop that agrees to open at that mall, and consumers will be urged to boycott them. He said that the principle of boycotting “settlement” businesses is more important than the “few shekels” of economic benefit such a mall would bring to the region.

There you go.

Truly, they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity for peace.