Impulse – David Bara


This is grand space opera that fails, miserably, to rise above the mediocre. So, not so grand then.

The story is as follows: the Lightship Impulse is attacked. (I’ll not spil the story by giving you the details.) Why? Who? Enter our hero, Lt. Peter Cochrane, who is sent to investigate. Peter is a novice on his first mission. He has all the required training, but it’s time to find out the gulf between theory and practice, and the cold, hard, uncompromising impact of the real world. Or worlds…

The plot is leaden and obvious. The dialogue is often clunky and wearisome. The science fiction aspects are OK, but very much harking back to classical SF content. That may be of interest if you are into nostalgia, but you would be better to focus on the classical writers. The characters are lacking in development, with even the hero failing to rise from the pages of the book. I could not give a damn what happened to him. A bad sign. And that’s despite the love interest.

In short, this ends my interest in the series for good.

[I read this at the back end of last year, but forgot about it. This is my attempt to faithfully record my fiction reading, even when it’s an almost painful experience.]