On the table, Red Poppies Campaigns: The battles for Ypres by John Gorkowski, and published by Compass Games. It’s World War 1 combat at the tactical scale – units are companies, and hexes are 200 yards across. There are four scenarios – really learning material – with the meat in the campaigns covering 3-6 days of battle in campaigns of 1914, 1915, and 1917 around Ypres.

One standout for now is that there are three maps, all covering the same area, but each representing the changes – trench lines, for example – for each of these three years.

The system uses a mix of mechanics – with a heavy emphasis on mode (formed or dispersed) and cohesion checks (roll too high and die) – to seem to give an authentic feel for the period, and the challenges of such warfare.

I hope to post more after I have spend some serious time playing the game, but first impressions are very favorable.