Typo of the week

From the Ynet article about Fox Sports journalist Emily Austen, who was fired from her job as a sideline reporter last weekend after telling some stories – including one about “stingy Jews” – to Barstool Sports:

The writer [Austen], who covered the Orlando Magic and Tampa Bay Rays, finally added her anti-Semitic comments about “stingy Jews,” saying “I just didn’t care about the way I spoke to Jews in Boca (Raton, Florida),” she said, describing her time as a waitress.

“They would complain about everything. I gave one guy a bear, and he complained that there was too much head on it. I knew that he was crazy stingy, and that he wouldn’t leave me a tip,” she said.

I’m not quite sure what I would do if a waiter gave me a bear, with or without a head…

The whole piece is here.