Jerusalem, Jerusalem

There are many (many) reasons to admire the work of the Elder of Ziyon. One reason is his talent at asking pointed and relevant questions about anti-Israel propaganda; questions that should make a neutral, objective observer (if there is such a beast) stop, think, and admit: he’s right. One of his recent posts – Jerusalem, quod erat demonstrandum and Daniel Seidemann  – is a perfect example.

It starts with a tweet by Seidemann, contrasting Bibi’s declaration of support for a two state solution with his other declaration about never giving up Jerusalem. Seidemann tweeted that the appropriate conclusion is that Bibi does not support a two state solution.

So, the Elder tweeted a simple question: why do the Palestinians need Jerusalem for a state? They may want it, they may like it, but why do they need it?

Answer came there none.

The Elder (whose whole post is here) concludes his analysis as follows:

“Arabs aren’t afraid of Jews like Seidemann who say they want to give up Jerusalem for peace. They are afraid of Jews – even secular Jews like Netanyahu – who would rather die than lose the Old City.

Beggars can’t be choosers, yet Palestinians who are supposedly living in stateless misery are making preconditions for a state that have nothing to do with statehood.

Because their goal isn’t the creation of a state but the destruction of one.

And the proof is because they insist, without a shred of proof, that there can be no Palestinian state without Jerusalem.


So, quod erat demonstrandum. Or, quintessential Elder demolition.