Gaming catchup


When in the UK, I managed to get some gaming in.

Steven Gladstone and I played Camel Up. It’s a racing and betting game, with a decent mix of luck and decision making. By the time we had finished the first round, I was ten points behind, so I was never going to win. But I did narrow the gap at the end down to three or four, and it was great fun. It’s not for those who hate the effects of luck, because the random element is substantial. But it’s a good antidote to analysis heavy gaming.

Later in the trip, Steven, Richard, Liam and I played Hey that’s my fish. This is a light filler game involving penguins on a diminishing ice floe. As you move your penguin, you grab fish and damage the ice floe. Cool game. Steven won that one.

Then, Steven and I played the interesting Flip City. It is a deck building game for two, with a twist, or rather, a flip. You upgrade your cards by turning them over to the other side. The theme is about city building, and it works quite well. It is a good two player game, and I am keen to try it again, as I am sure (despite winning) I have only scratched the surface of its potential.