Five for Friday

Cottage in Peaslake in all its purple finery - May 2016

Cottage in Peaslake in all its purple finery – May 2016

Whatever happens with the referendum in Britain, the event itself has dominated the week. I’m glad I didn’t vote, and also glad it will be easy for me to ignore the inevitable deluge of media coverage trying to analyze why Britain got it wrong or right (depending on your perspective) and the political blame game that is sure to follow. It almost makes the Israeli political scene attractive!

Apart from the referendum, for me the week has been a fairly routine one, though Susan and I did manage a terrific ride on our bikes out to the Tel Aviv namal and back. We started later, because of the heat, and worked hard during the ride, returning as the night descended. We put our newly acquired bike lights to good use. Previously, we had some cheap kit that was unreliable, and generally poor. On our last trip to the UK, we took the opportunity of picking up some expensive, but high quality, bike lights. And they made a difference. Part of the ride was along the beach top at Herzliya, and that is a pretty scary riding surface in the pitch black.

There was also an innovation event at work, which was a break from the routine, and was interesting in parts. It was a little ironical that a program intended to encourage out of the box thinking, started with an exercise about breaking into a box!

The weekend is here. Enjoy it. Here are the regular weekly selection of links that may – or may not – help:

Shabbat Shalom!