Biking catchup


On 20 May 2016, Susan and I took part in the Jerusalem biking event. Thousands of people of all ages and sizes joined in the fun. There were multiple distances, and we opted for the 40 km route because we though the 50 km would be too long for us, and the 40 km matched our training route length (from the house to Tel Aviv namal). This was the third time I had taken part, and Susan’s second. Shosh couldn’t be there this year, but we are hoping next year we will all be back together again. Both Susan and I managed much improved performances, making the complete run with no stops, and in much faster time. To say that we were flying high afterwards would be a bit of an understatement! The highlight of the biking year.

The next week we flew to the UK, and managed two Sunday morning sessions of mountain biking at Peaslake. It’s a rural area south of London, with one village shop, and one bike shop for rentals, essential purchases, and so on. The first Sunday we went with Richard, and the second with Liam. We rode the routes Yoghurt Pots, Telegraph Line, and Barry Knows Best, all of which reminded Susan and I of our Glentress riding experiences. The setting was exquisite, and the riding was fun. There are many other routes there and thereabouts. Highly recommended. But Glentress is still tops.

Now we are back home, I have managed one run out to the namal, and we both did a crappy spin class. It’s a bit tricky because of the heat, but hopefully over the next few weeks and months we will get some more biking in before the wedding. (And that’s all I am going to mention about the wedding for now.)