So that was Pesach that was

So what did Susan and I get up to on Pesach?

On the games front, I played some ASL with Ran, some Ticket to Ride with Susan and Lori, and some Battle Lines with Lori.

On the reading front, I finished one novel, and three history books. Susan finished at least two novels.

On the wedding front, I did some wedding dress shopping with Sarah-Lee (and managed not to cry).  Susan did a bit more than that. The hot news is that I believe a final decision has been made.

On the family front, we had a great Seder with the Horesh crew and Hannah, and a Pesach Picnic and Tour. And we met up with Jonathan and Ann, and most of their crew.

On the exercise front, we managed two trips to the gym, and a couple of long bike rides to the Tel Aviv port and back.

We had a couple of barbecues, and ate too much meat.

I went to shul a few times. (By Shabbat, you could sense that people had had enough!)

Oh, it’s good to be back to a normal week to week routine.