Murder DC – Neely Tucker

This is the second Sully Carter novel, the follow up to The Ways of the Dead, continuing the investigative adventures of our intrepid reporter in Washington.

This time around, the story starts with the discovery in the Potomac River of the body of Billy Ellison, the son of a prominent local family. Why was Billy near a known drug trouble spot, and who killed him?

Neely Tucker’s background as an experienced journalist is once again a solid platform for his story telling. He handles the central character well, portraying a troubled, but principled man, challenged by alcoholic tendencies and a tragic past. Yet Carter makes progress, and in between the competing worlds of high society, and local drug lords, somehow gets closer and closer to unraveling the mystery, and exposing the truth.

The Washington backdrop and the other characters are realistic, and believable, though the Ellison family lawyer comes close to being overdone.

The plot has its twists and turns, and more than enough to add to the reader’s enjoyment without being overpowering and stretching suspension of disbelief too far. The tension is well maintained, and the whole story hangs together neatly.

It’s a good read, is highly recommended, and ensures I will be looking out for the next in the series.