Five for Friday

Quite a nice week: a bit of work, a bit of travelling, a bit of family visits, a bit of shopping, and here we are again at the weekend. I did manage a trip to the gym, but no long cycling session. So, I was grateful to get a chance for a long walk on Thursday, striding out for an hour. It felt good. Just as good as the prospect of a nice, relaxing Shabbat. So, I am in a good mood. (Am I not always? Hee Hee.)  Therefore, here is the icing on the cake, namely the regular weekly selection of links:

And a bonus for this week, especially for Michelle: a look back at a piece of pop music history that stirs some fond, fond memories:

‘Heroic, sexy and a warrior bravado’: how Adam and the Ants redefined pop

Shabbat Shalom!