Five for Friday

Glentress, near Peebles, Scotland - November 2006

Glentress, near Peebles, Scotland – November 2006

This was a week dominated by Yom HaShoah, and the antisemitism row in the British Labour Party. One of these will (regrettably) fade away with the passing of time, but the other looks to linger, like an all too bitter aftertaste. So, the weekend is an opportunity to escape from that poison, knowing that we have the forthcoming Yom HaZikaron, and Yom HaAtzmaut to ponder the position further.

But this weekend is here, now, and let’s not sour it. Let it be a true time of rest and reflection, and a recharge of our spiritual and physical batteries. Oh, and a time for tasting some almost forgotten treats like whisky and beer. (Though, there was beer this year that was kosher for Pesach, and it was pretty damn good!) And, if you will pardon the pun, in that spirit, here are the regular weekly offering of links.


Shabbat Shalom!