Gaming catchup

Just a short post to record the last couple of (non wargame) game sessions. I have an ASL scenario to write up.

Peleg, Sheer and I managed to try out Ortus Regni for the first time. I’m not sure a three player encounter was the best introduction to the game, and for sure we only scratched the surface of the possibilities, but it was overall a positive experience. I want to try it out in an extensive two player session, to better get to grips with it.

We followed that up with San Juan. Sheer got off to a flying start, and neither Peleg nor I could catch up.

Also, Peleg and I got together for some 7 Wonders: Duel. It was Peleg’s first attempt, but he picked up the idea pretty quickly and his blue card victory point strategy just failed to get him the win. I continue to be impressed by how this game hits so many sweet spots: it is fast, nicely balances luck and skill, and has many routes to victory. One of my favorite two player games at the moment.