Shueb Salar is bound to be an Amnesty supporter

The British Labour party has been having a tough time of it. For now, let’s pass over their leader’s issues with apparent support for undesirable elements, their youth wing’s tolerance for antisemitism and bigotry, and switch our focus to Sadiq Khan. He is their candidate for the London mayoral election. Earlier this week he had to fire one of his speechwriters/advisors, Shueb Salar, for homophobic, racist and sexist tweets. Hold that thought.

Where are we? We are at the higher echelons of the mainstream left wing political party in the UK. A party built on the fight for individual rights. Would it be too much to say life, liberty, and equality?

So how does Salar’s bigotry remain undetected until now? It surely cannot be that his previous behavior was exemplary. It surely cannot be that he never before let loose his lips to deliver some of that bigotry in the presence of friends and acquaintances. It surely cannot be that Labour party members didn’t hear such stuff from him. So, why did nobody do anything? Could it possibly be that his friends and acquaintances see nothing wrong in that bigotry? I mean, surely not…

As a separate issue, the Mirror article that revealed much of the detail, includes this:

Mr Khan has faced controversy before over his links with Islamic extremists he defended in his former job as a solicitor dealing with human rights issues.


Before joining Mr Khan’s Westminster operation, 24-year-old Mr Salar also worked for a solicitor’s company specialising in human rights.

The bigot used to work in the field of human rights. Wow. I bet Shueb Salar is an Amnesty* supporter!

[*See here, and here. Guy Fawkes‘ blog has more material on the bigoted Mr Salar, here.]