Black and white nonsense

She's an actress.

She’s an actress. Source: Wikimedia

The complaint by some so-called anti-racist campaigners that Zoe Saldana is not black enough for the role of Nina Simone (in the film of her life), is political correctness gone mad. It’s also racist nonsense.  Brendan O’Neill at the Spectator nails it, concluding as follows:

“Some of us don’t want to be racially aware. We don’t want to judge people according to their skin colour. And when Nina comes out, we will see, not a ‘half-black person’ mimicking a ‘real black person’, but a good actress doing her very best to capture the soul and life of another human being. That’s what humans do — we reach across made-up racial and cultural boundaries in an effort to understand and feel what other people feel.”


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To finish, here’s a trailer for the film: