Ad blockers want you to see this ad

What is an ad blocker supposed to do? It’s supposed to block adverts. Simple. But one such operation – AdBlock – has replaced the blocked ads with…adverts. In short, they don’t want you to see the blocked adverts, but they do want you to see theirs.

From the always enlightening Register:

AdBlock replaced blocked ads with ads for Amnesty International

You should control you computer … except when we feel political says AdBlock CEO

AdBlock has replaced blocked ads with ads it wants you to see.

The advertising-blocking company on Saturday continued to block ads but replaced them with “banners linked to articles written for Amnesty International by prominent privacy and free speech advocates like Edward Snowden, Ai Wei Wei, and others, instead of the peaceful, blank spaces you’re accustomed to not noticing.”

The Amnesty ads protest censorship and “click through to content from people who governments have tried to silence.”

(From my perspective, they really add insult to injury by promoting Amnesty. Couldn’t they have chosen something less offensive, like a campaign advert for Donald Trump?)

Read it all here, and try not to get too upset by the hypocrisy.