Getting to Tel Aviv

The power station at Tel Aviv port

The power station at Tel Aviv port

On Friday, Susan and I decided to go on a longer than usual bike ride, partly as a preparation for doing longer biking events, and partly as a continuing effort to keep fit and active.

We extended our usual ride from Ra’anana to Herzliya, by continuing on to the namal (port) at Tel Aviv. Up to Herzliya, it’s a mix of cycle track and pavements. At Herzliya, we needed to some rough riding along the coastline – rocky, sandy, uneven, and energy sapping – before joining on to another cycle path that took us all the way in to the namal.

It was a perfect day for biking: blue skies, a bit of cloud, not too warm, and the occasional wind to cool us down, and freshen things up.

It’s about a 42 km round trip, so we were feeling pretty good afterwards.We stopped at the namal for a coffee, and then had brunch in Ra’anana. As mentioned above, there are a couple of biking events later this year that we may try and do, so that length of run was a good confidence booster. It was tiring, but not exhausting. The biggest impact of the change to a longer ride was on our respective posteriors. We were saddle sore! Apparently, the only way to sort that is to keep riding long distances.