Wonder of the adventure and the duel


This week, Sheer, Susan, and I played Dominion: Adventures. This is a Dominion set from which we have only used a few of the available cards, so each experience is still new and fresh.

The mechanics include Duration cards whose effects last from turn to turn, and other cards whose effect triggers after you play it in an earlier turn, and call it in a subsequent turn. Some of the effects seem more interesting than useful, but that probably just means I have not spotted the right combination. And there are cards that seem too powerful. (That means I have not worked out how to combat them…)

We played one game with a recommended set featuring just the cards from Adventures, and although it was close, Sheer won. He followed that up with a win in a two player game against me, using the base set and Adventures.

Then he and I switched to 7 Wonders: Duel. Sheer won the first game with a military victory, using a clever maneuver with his Wonder that I completely overlooked. I got my revenge in the next game with a decent points win.

Four games in the night meant I was well satisfied. More please!