That duel was too short


Just recently, I introduced (ASL player) Ran to 7 Wonders: Duel. We used the recommended setup for a first game, and fairly rattled through it.

As expected, Ran picked up things quickly, and had a good grasp of the situation before too long. However, my better experience with the game and the combinations meant that I was able to just squeeze ahead of him in the Victory Points. It was close.

Afterwards, I asked if he enjoyed it; thankfully he did. However, he would have preferred it to be a longer game. That was interesting, as to me this game hits the sweet spot in terms of length. I feel it is just right for its mechanics. Also, there is some luck. So, if you are unlucky and lose, you have not invested hours and hours of your time. Of course, I realize this is all a matter of personal taste.   I do like to play a long game from time to time, but prefer a variety, instead of slogging away all the time at the more involved games.