Rabbis, thugs, and thieves

Unfortunately, as well as the economy, there are other issues our politicians need to do a better job with. Like law and order.

This (from Ynet) is a description of thuggery:

Military police force attacked by ultra-Orthodox Jews in Ashdod

Riot begins when word gets out that police came to arrest an army deserter; rioters overturned police vehicle; large police force sent to rescue fellow officers.

Military police who came to an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Ashdod Monday night to arrest an army deserter were attacked by protesters.

The riot began once word that military police had arrived in the neighborhood got out. Tens of ultra-Orthodox men came, surrounded the police vehicle, and began to insult them. The rioters then overturned the vehicle.

A large police force was then sent to the scene and they rescued the military police and dispersed the crowd. Several police cars were slightly damaged as a result of stone throwing.

What part of Judaism does that behavior belong to? Where is the Rabbinic leadership that would allow such a thing to happen? These people who dodge the draft are – apart from being a bad example of what it is to be a Jew – stealing from our society; they take, take, and take, but won’t give what they are legally obliged to: army service. They make me sick.

I don’t want to criticize the police, but I wonder if the same low key response – no gunfire – would follow the same event happening in an Arab village. I hope the police are going to be equally forcible in applying the law as far as they can. (While they wait for the politicians to pretend to fix the mess. Ach, don’t get me started…)