Lesson time

This week’s session saw Sheer come over and show Susan and I how to play Dominion Adventures. (Translation: Sheer won.) Then Sheer showed me how to play one of my favorite wargames: Up Front. (Translation: Sheer won.)

In a bit more detail:

For Dominion: Adventures, we used the size distortion setup with cards from the base set as well as Adventures. Sheer’s winning strategy was to bulk up on silver cards, and duplicate them with one of the events that simultaneously reduced our hand size for a turn (Camp?). Susan competed much better than me, using the Giant to make regular Victory Point purchases. My problem was that I started down one road, wasn’t successful, and tried another plan that did not have enough time to work.In the end, Sheer won, but only by a few points from Susan. Both had at last double my score. It was a challenging mix of cards, and delivered the usual satisfying game experience.

Susan allowed Sheer and I to indulge in some wargaming. I explained the Up Front ┬árules to Sheer and we played the first scenario, pitting a squad of US soldiers against my German squad. At one key point in the game, when I was sure that I had the right card combination, I advanced my key groups. I was also sure that Sheer did not have decent Fire cards. I was wrong. I lost one soldier to a deadly shot. From then on, things went downhill, a I tried to rescue the situation with more aggressive moves that simply didn’t work. Great fun, even in defeat, and Sheer expressed a desire to play this again, so good news all round.