Just how bad is antisemitism in Britain?

From Guy Fawkes‘ blog:

The chairman of Oxford University Labour club has resigned in protest at anti-Semitic and terror sympathising members of the organisation. Alex Chalmers claims “the student left in Oxford more generally have some kind of problem with Jews”:

Not entirely surprising.  As the blog suggests, this would appear to be somewhat connected to a certain Corbyn effect: follow the leader.

You could argue this is student politics, and it’s insignificant in real life. I would argue the contrary. We know how much the Oxbridge graduates become the establishment, shaping society and its opinions from within. So, if this is mainstream student behavior today, it is likely to be mainstream political behavior in the future – to the extent that it is not already. In other words, things are not going to get better. So, what is the right approach for the Jewish community in the face of this hostile environment? That’s a tough challenge.

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