Australian with eyes and ears wide open

I don’t know Rowan Dean, but apparently he was on a recent Australian Labor Party excursion to Israel, to see both sides of the conflict. It appears Mr Dean kept his eyes and ears wide open, and was prepared to report fully on his experiences:

Dear Mr Fooley (or may I call you Luke?*)

Just got back from my Labor Parliamentary Excursion, dividing my time equally between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, as you requested. What a trip! My feet hardly touched the ground!

Monday: Arrived at Lod Airport, after circling around to avoid being blasted out of the sky by IS, Hamas, Hezbollah, and a bunch of other peace-loving friends of the Palestinian Arab People’s Struggle to Wipe The Perfidious Jew Off The Face Off The Earth Praise Be To Allah. Grabbed some duty-frees and headed into downtown Tel Aviv. Looks just like Surfers Paradise meets Surry Hills. Cool hipsters and hot chicks everywhere. Grabbed a quick beer and a burger, bought some fab new apps and software and …

Oops! Time to go to Palestine Authority. Drove into downtown Ramallah. Looks like Mogadishu meets the Mudgee tip. Litter everywhere. Armed guards and machine gun-wielding Mafiosi types wandering around everywhere, too. Try to grab a quick beer, but, er …

(*Luke Fooley is the head of the Australian Labor party.)

Read the whole piece, here. You are unlikely to see it at Haaretz, the BBC or the Guardian.

Thanks to Hannah for the tip.