Hate by name, hate by nature

Amira Hass‘ surname means hate in German. Somehow that seems appropriate, for the lady appears to have a hateful disposition, albeit towards only one group of people. Hint: it’s not the Palestinians.

David Collier reports on his blog – The ‘Elders of Zion’ reborn at the University of Kent – as follows:

Yesterday, 28/01/2016, I was at the University of Kent to hear a talk by Amira Hass titled ‘Israel and the Palestinians: Colonialism and Prospects for Justice. The event itself was a collaboration between The Centre for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies at Kent University and the Palestine Centre at SOAS, University of London. One of these universities, SOAS, is already a notorious hotbed for extremism, the other, Kent, seems to be desperately trying to catch-up.

Oh dear.


Amira Hass is an Israeli columnist at the Haaretz newspaper. For the last 20 years she has lived in the Palestinian areas, originally in Gaza, but more recently moving to Ramallah in the West Bank. Amira is an example of one of those Israelis nobody should have heard of. Standing for politics that receive no support in Israel, Amira’s opinions reflect none but a handful of oddballs. Every nation has people like Hass hidden in the shadows. What makes her ‘special’, what makes her a marketable commodity, are hundreds of millions of people outside of Israel that simply want Israel gone. The audience of Amira Hass are not peacemakers, but warmongers.

Statements I fully agree with. Hass and her cohorts are not interested in any peaceful solution, or true pro Palestinian moves. Instead, it’s all about damaging Israel and its people. (She’s got form, of course.)

I recommend you go to David’s blog to get the full post, and the measure of the venom. But as a teaser, I offer his summary of one of her dreadful libels:

Beyond Israeli democracy, beyond the will of the voters, beyond the desires of peacemakers like Rabin and Peres, there are invisible Jewish decision makers. They planned from the early 1970’s, never to let the territories go, they manipulated, they connived, they controlled as puppet masters do. A conspiracy of a Jewish cabal that places the profit to be won from the occupation above the will of the electorate and the lives of innocent children. And it is called the ‘Elders of Zion’.

Now, remind me: who does she write for?