What does the ‘A’ in Amnesty stand for?

Whatever you think, hold on a minute and note the following quote from the High Level Military Group (HLMG), an independent group of military people, and a former UN war crimes prosecutor, brought in to review Israeli military actions in the last Gaza conflict:

“Without seeking to deny the necessity or discourage in any way the practice of appropriate formal and informal checks and balances on warfare in the international system, we further note that in reviewing commentary from the United Nations Human Rights Council, a number of NGOs such as Amnesty International, and sections of the media commentary on the 2014 Gaza Conflict, there are stark, unwarranted condemnations of the IDF’s conduct that do not accord with our own examination. We believe that where ideological motivation can be discounted, the principal reason for this disparity is the absence of the appropriate military and legal expertise and judgement in much of this commentary. Our concern with this matter stems primarily from an appreciation that the misapplication of outcome-based assessments made on the basis of incomplete information and incorrect interpretation of the laws and norms governing warfare pose a concern to all democratic nations.”

In other words, Amnesty do not have a clue what they are talking about, when it comes to Gaza and military action.  Either that, or they have an ideological reason for lying.

Which is it?

I first saw this story in the Jerusalem Post, but also have now seen it covered in more detail at the Elder of Ziyon. The complete HLMG report is here. The Elder’s report, including confirmation that the HLMG found Israel’s conduct to be above reproach, is here.

This point, made time and time again by the Elder, me, and others, remains as true as it ever has:

I am unaware of anyone with significant military leadership experience who has criticized Israel’s conduct in Gaza.

This time around, the Elder has a neat additional comment:

(And, no, I don’t include John Kerry in that category.)


So, what does the ‘A’ in Amnesty stand for? My current favorite is ‘Anti-Israel Activists.’ Maybe you have your own suggestions?