Understanding certain Swedish Politicians

From Chapter 14 of Europa Blues, by Arne Dahl:

“He was Swedish, after all, and Swedes did not like taboo subjects. Their armpits started sweating. Ideally, they avoided them, but if they absolutely had to broach them, they did so with a kind of remote reverence and a string of cliches about never allowing it to happen again. The Holocaust was an abstraction they liked to talk about from a pedestal, using big words. They didn’t like to tackle it properly. They hadn’t been a part of it, they could never understand it, they had nothing to do with it, everyone else could look after all that. Sweden’s lack of a sense of history and its pseudo neutrality in an unholy alliance. Because they had been involved, to the highest degree. They did have something to do with it, to the highest degree. They could understand it, to the highest degree. They had to.

World champions at brushing things under the carpet.”

So, when certain Swedish politicians next demonize Israel, bear this in mind. It has the ring of truth.