Three games we played


This week, Sheer and I had another one on one encounter, playing three very different, high quality games.


First we had two nail biting games of Netrunner, with my Runner just losing out twice to his Corporation by a score of 7-6. Both were tight, tense, and thoroughly enjoyable sessions, proving what a great design this.

We have just about played out (for now) the cards in the first cycle of the expansions, and will probably move on to later ones.

7 Wonders: Duel

We had two practice* games of this new arrival. As you may gather from my Out of the wrapper post, it is a welcome addition to the collection.

In the first game, Sheer went for a Science card strategy, grabbed all the bonuses, built all his wonders, and crushed my feeble ‘build victory points’ approach.

In the second session, I tried to go for a variant of the Science card strategy. Good card selection by Sheer meant it did not quite come off, and by the last Age (round of play) there was no way left for me catch up. But, there is a lot of depth in this game, and we are sure to try it again.

*Practice, as in, let’s play the game and practice at letting Sheer win. Ahem…

Dominion: Intrigue

We finished with two rapid games of this beauty. Sheer assimilated the available cards much quicker than me, and had a blowout victory in the first game. I got much closer, but not close enough in the second, as he skilfully cut his deck size down to an efficient setting, and plundered the VP cards.

And so ended another great night of games. Too many victories for Sheer, but nevertheless enjoyable!