Show of Force

At start for the Soviets. The Germans are entering from the top of the picture.

At start for the Soviets. The Germans are entering from the top of the picture.

Earlier this week, Ran and I played some ASL. The following report is Ran’s, with my commentary in square brackets:

“In Jerusalem, Ellis and I played scenario AP94, Show of Force. I took the Germans and Ellis took the Russians.

Ellis set up a solid defense, with the AT gun setting up hidden with a good field of fire in one of the further away victory buildings.

I tried a very aggressive attack with tanks, armored infantry, and the flame throwing tank, but it didn’t work. Early in the game I shot up a T34 after had it had destroyed a 75* PZ 3 and an empty halftrack.

[I held fire with the concealed T34 for as long as I could, until presented with many point blank targets. Ran suggested, and I think he was probably right, I should have taken earlier shots at the oncoming vehicles. That way, the tank might have survived a little longer. When it did drop concealment, it was pretty well doomed. But it did get a critical hit on that Panzer III.

Also, setting up the T34 in the woods badly affected the follow on shots, when I needed to swivel the damn turret!]

I suffered gun malfunction with my Tiger and a 75L Panzer 4 very early, before they managed to do much in the game.

[The balance of luck definitely favored me.]

I made 3 attacks with my flame throwing tank without making any substantial damage.

[As I said, the balance of luck definitely favored me. One target, a solitary 5-2-7 squad, survived no less than four morale check results, at least one of which was a +2, and a couple of +1s.]

In the Russian DfPh of German game turn 3, I lost my flame throwing tank to the hidden 76L AT gun. (A 2 was needed for a hit, and a 2 was rolled, but even had Ellis missed, I would have probably lost it on the next Russian Prep fire phase).

With both the Tiger and a Pz 4 with malfunctioned MA, and having lost the flame throwing tank, while Ellis hasn’t suffered substantial losses, I felt I had no assets left against Ellis’s effective defense, and I quit.

[My losses were, from memory, the ELR of one squad. I had no doubt that Ran would, eventually, clear the Victory locations, but not in the time available. 

I was reasonably happy with my setup, but know that there were a few occasions when I decided to hold fire and keep the defenders concealed, and should have taken the shot. Ran is way more skilled than me, and it showed, especially, in the way he handled his tanks. I had some reinforcements that he effectively shut out, then shot up! But, maybe I could claim they did their bit, as keeping them tied up did decrease the time available to his attacking forces.

I am pretty sure that if we set the game up the same way, and he tried the same approach, barring a repeat of my lucky rolls, the end result would have been quite different.]

I enjoyed the game and the challenge, as well as lighting Chanukah candles.

[ASL plus Chanukah candles; a winning combination! Thanks to Ran (and family) for the hospitality and the game.]