Killing Palestine Killing Israel

The title is that of a well worth reading, blog post by Marc Goldberg at Harry’s Place

I liked this for its clarity of vision:

“At the moment in New York City members of the Israeli left have come together to answer questions about the Israeli Palestinian conflict under the joint banner of Haaretz and the New Israel Fund. The reason the HaaretzQ conference and the release of this latest poll are worth looking at together is because they show both the view from the ground and the airy fairy vision that has seen Israel’s peace camp shrivel up to the extent that it has to go overseas for a successful conference.

While HaaretzQ discuss such philosophical issues as whether Israel will be Jewish democratic or Jewish fanatic? or whether Israelis have the right to deny Palestinians their freedom Israelis are being killed by a few of those Palestinians while the majority watch on cheering.”

I don’t agree with all that he says in the post, but Marc is a good writer, and what he has to say is interesting, challenging, and very relevant.

Please do read it all, here.