In the morass that is the Middle East

I wish I knew what to make of this:


For whatever reason, Israel is performing humanitarian work that nobody else will or can. Objectively, it’s fair to say Israel is doing the right thing. Objectively, it’s also fair to say there must be a reason this is being publicized. But does it matter? The reason won’t matter to those being treated, for sure. Note this observation:

‘I wouldn’t say that Israel is doing this for nothing,’ said Chris Doyle, Director of the Council for Arab-British Understanding. ‘If so, it wouldn’t be publicising it.

‘There is an element of wanting to improve the country’s brand and image abroad, when all the opinion polls show that Israel doesn’t have the greatest reputation. £8.7million [reported cost to date of this humanitarian aid] is a large price to pay for PR, but Israel’s powers-that-be have realised that it has to invest in its image.’

Grudging? I think that is a marketing version of saying whatever Israel does, it is up to no good. They are evil, I tell you. Evil…

Not so incidentally:

An Israeli Government spokesman rejected these claims as ‘absurd’.

‘Israel is a world leader in providing humanitarian assistance, both in the Middle East and around the world,’ he said. He also pointed out that this is not the first time the Jewish State has given medical care to those bent on its destruction and their families.

Read the whole piece here.