Horovitz for Prime Minister!

From the Times of Israel, an outstanding piece of common sense from David Horovitz.:

What John Kerry should have told the Saban Forum

“My friends, I can only begin with an apology. The Obama administration, and myself personally, invested extraordinary efforts in trying to foster Israeli-Palestinian peace. And we failed.

The failure is by no means ours alone. But we made mistakes. Too many. We should have known better. We could have done better.”

If John Kerry reads this, he will feel sick to the gut with embarrassment. (Bibi and Abbas are not spared, incidentally) Mr Horovitz, quite simply, gets it, in a way that Kerry, Obama, and a slew of Western politicians and commentators, do not. The follow on question is whether they were or are capable of understanding. In that regard, I am a pessimist.

Read it all, here. Then tell me you don’t agree with the title of this post.