Flying the flag

From Dr Haim Shine at Israel Hayom:

Only the far Left would fold its own flag

The Haaretz newspaper in conjunction with the New Israel Fund is currently sponsoring a conference in the United States that is being attended by, among others, members of the Breaking the Silence organization. Senior Palestinian Authority official Saeb Erekat, who advised both former PA President Yasser Arafat and current President Mahmoud Abbas, spoke at the event. When he rose to speak, the Israeli flag was taken down.

Can anyone fathom an American organization or newspaper agreeing to hide the American flag just to allow the country’s most bitter enemy to speak? The answer is of course not.

The radical Israeli Left, in all its sycophancy, weakness and waywardness, did consent to folding the flag. Anyone who lowers his own flag will soon discover his enemy’s scorn.

I agree.

Here’s what I posted on Facebook, while recommending the

If you were charged with responsibility for getting a state for the Palestinian people, how important would it be to refuse to speak with an Israeli flag on the stage? What does that add? How does it help? Does it show any quality which would encourage the Palestinian people to be inclined towards peace. Does it show any quality that would incline the Israelis to make peace? No. No. No. What a disgrace.