Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right

Centrist politician Yair Lapid has been attracting a considerable degree of heat and criticism from those on the left of the Israeli political spectrum, because of his explicit remarks denouncing the NGO, Breaking the Silence.

Ynet has an op-ed, from Ben-Dror Yemini on the matter:

Yair Lapid, the Israeli Left’s new enemy

Op-ed: The Yesh Atid leader dared to say what Herzog and Livni are afraid to say: That Breaking the Silence are spewing poison against Israel in the world. What exactly is wrong or inappropriate here?

Do read it all (here) but at least note the main thrust:

One should listen to what Zionist Union leaders Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni have been saying in recent days. They are so kind as to utter a weak word of condemnation against Breaking the Silence, but immediately jump up to defend freedom of expression. As if that’s the point.

Why when it comes to a racist organization like Lehava, they will issue blatant condemnations, and rightfully so, without going on about freedom of expression. But when it comes to an organization cooperating with the BDS movement, which seeks to destroy Israel, they stand up to support freedom of expression. They fail to realize that by doing so, they are associating themselves with the radical left. Just like that, they are scaring off the one-third which returns to the Likud..

Lapid has decided that he’s had enough. He won’t recite Herzog and Livni’s clichés. When someone spits on him, on us, he won’t call it rain just because “journalists don’t like the center,” as Abramovich wrote. So what if they don’t like it? Is that what’s important? Only spineless people recite what the commissars in the media demand that they say.

Lapid hasn’t changed his political views by one iota. He is in favor of any peace initiative which has been rejected by the Palestinians in the past few decades. And a person who speaks in favor of the Saudi initiative isn’t fawning over anyone.

But, alas, he dared to say what Herzog and Livni are afraid to say: That Breaking the Silence are spewing poison against Israel in the world. And yes, it’s time to initiate a legislative move which will prevent funding from elements that are oiling the BDS campaign. What exactly is wrong or inappropriate here?

Following the recent elections, almost everyone in the Zionist Left, including politicians and journalists, declared on every stage that “there is a need for self-examination.” There were endless declarations, but no self-examination. But when one of the camp’s members really starts conducting a self-examination, they attack him.

Lapid was right to speak out, and the op-ed fairly represents my views on the matter. I don’t agree with everything Lapid or Yesh Atid so or say, but on this point I back his stance completely. Unfortunately, unless the moderate left wake up and realize what is happening, they will facilitate the return to power of Bibi and Likud. The moderate left have lost their way.