A game about the game

In this case, we are in A Game of Thrones territory:


Also newly arrived and out of the wrapper (but as yet unplayed) is the second edition of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. It’s designed by Eric Lang (multiple design credits) and Nate French (Lord of the Rings LCG designer).

The theme is obvious. It’s a card game (duh!) – using the Living Card Game (LCG) format – designed to accommodate player v player or multiplayer sessions. I bought it partly for that reason, partly because of the good reviews, and partly because I have been impressed by the previous games from these designers.

Incidentally, the LCG format means you know exactly what cards are in the expansions, so you are not engaged in a furious hunt to find (and buy) the rare, powerful cards. ┬áThe Netrunner card game is LCG, and that’s another reason for buying this game: with Netrunner, I got in late, and it took me time to track down and acquire the expansions after the fact. Here, I am in at the start, so it should be – ha! – easier.

I’ve only had a chance to skim the rules and components, but so far it looks good. That matters for nothing if the play is crap, but I am optimistic this will be a good one. It goes in to the queue,